Dates at a glance…….


April 18th. Roving Crows.


May 2nd. Too Rex (Yorks Cancer Centre Appeal)


May 9th.  Satin ‘n Steel.


May 23rd.  2 Pianos.

September 11th. LiveWire.

September 26th. Co Co & The Butterfields.


October 10th.  Cregan & Co.


Friday October 23rd. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.


Friday November 13th. Hats Off To Led Zeppelin.

  1. glenn says:

    Holy moly and the crackers is definately not livewire can you change the video please

  2. glenn says:

    no worries… just thought i was going crazy!!!! thanks just thought I’d like to point it out

  3. Bri Clarke says:

    Is TooREX top T.REX Bolan Tribute coming back? Wow! No date though????

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