Interact Murder Mysteries presents:


Murder mystery

Saturday November 19th  2016

£12.             7.20 for 8pm.        With a hot dog supper!

BACKGROUND: The year is 1939. All are gathered to hear Agatha Marsh, the most famous crime novelist of the twentieth century, read the final chapter of her latest novel, “The Road to Oblivion”. The novel has been serialised in The Trafalgar magazine, and this is a unique chance to hear the great lady read from her own work before anybody else in the country.Guests arrive to hear Agatha…but before she can complete her reading she apparently falls asleep in her chair. Closer examination reveals she is dead… poisoned.The obvious motive for the murder of Agatha Marsh is 16Murder_Mystery_Modern-5 (2)to prevent her from reading out the final chapter of her book. This book – a work of fiction – is in fact very closely based on real events three years ago, on 1st June 1936. A senior civil servant in the Ministry of Defence was killed in a tragic road accident after apparently falling asleep at the wheel. This man, Sir Peter Chartwell, had been celebrating his 45th birthday that day, and had been visited by a number of people in his Whitehall office shortly before he left to drive back to his house in Little Rochester. Agatha, who had long been a family friend of Chartwell (a surrogate ‘aunty’), had received a letter from him shortly before his death, claiming that he believed somebody meant him harm. When he died shortly afterwards, Agatha began probing his death. The police and other authorities were reluctant to help, but she persevered and eventually came up with a sequence of events which she believed would explain his demise. The only way she knew to bring this to light was to do what she did best – to write it as a story. She crafted a novel based on the characters and events from three years earlier, changing her characters’ names just enough to avoid a legal action. The story has been publicised to great acclaim in The Trafalgar weekly magazine. Now, the final chapter is about to be published, but before she submits the denouement of her novel to her publishers, she gathers together a specially invited audience to hear justice be done as she reads her solution out loud for the first time.Except somebody has found the only way to stop her...

Interact was formed in 1994 and has been writing, producing and performing Murder-Mystery evenings for over twenty years. In this time we have performed hundreds of mysteries in venues ranging from: Theatres, Hotels, Holiday camps and Private homes. With over thirty five plots to choose from, ranging from the 1870’s to modern day, there is something for everyone. Murder-mystery evenings are a wonderfully interactive experience in which you get to play the detective – examining evidence, questioning suspects and then (hopefully!) solving the crime. We pride ourselves on giving our guests a memorable, challenging, but above all FUN, experience, which you will be talking about for weeks to come. 


  1. Elaine Emmerson says:

    A FOREIGN COUNTRY £8, 20-4-12. But at what time does it start ?????

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