As well as the online ticket provision via We Got Tickets, tickets can also be purchased at:  The Shire Hall, 11 Market Place, Howden, DN14 7BJ where online tickets can also be purchased. 

All events are at the Shire Hall unless otherwise stated.

Telephone 01430 432510

Hard copy tickets will also now be available via the Dove House Hospice shop, 33 Market Pl, Howden, Goole DN14 7BL.  Telephone 01430 431660

Doors are 7.30 for 8pm unless otherwise stated.


WE’RE BACK!! In the strange surreal days when there were no loo rolls on the supermarket shelves and we had to buy rubbing alcohol and aloe vera to make our own sanitiser because you needed a second mortgage to buy 50ml of the stuff we had no idea what the future of live music was in Howden, there followed periods of misinformation, no information, false hope and disappointment. Those times appear to be coming to an end as we are now planning a relatively short season in the autumn. There is a lot of work still to do but bands lined up  are BON GIOVI,  HEADSTICKS. LIVE/WIRE  LITTLE MOSCOW AND THE JAM’D
However, the season will start with a bang where things left off in March of 2020 with a fundraising concert at Howden Minster in September with the splendid JON PALMER ACOUSTIC BAND.




A fundraising concert for Howden Minster at Howden Minster

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band is a high energy “folk, roots and rock & roll” 5 or 6 piece band, based in-and-around the musically vibrant West Yorkshire market town of Otley. Best described as “exploding out of the same box as The Pogues, The Saw Doctors, and The Waterboys”. The band have a great reputation on the live circuit.

Amongst a host of accolades, the band, who regularly perform at festivals and venues across the North of England. has been hailed “A blur of hedonistic delight” by Fatea Showcases and “the best upbeat folk band around” by the Yorkshire Gig Guide.  

They are known as the “go to” band for finishing off the night in a joyful, energetic, and chorus filled way.  

With the release of their latest album “One Fine Day” the band received outstanding reviews in the national and local music press.

The album was produced by the highly regarded David Crickmore (Steve Tilston, Pete Coe, Jez Lowe) and comprises 12 new songs all written by Jon. The subject matters are varied and far ranging including songs about the musically rich Yorkshire market town of Otley so strongly associated with the band, an economic migrant, a big road, Trump, Brexit, murder, making a new start, a highway woman, and a depressed 19th century mill worker.

One Fine Day features Jon’s excellent band throughout, and guesting on guitar and backing vocals on several songs is Baz Warne from The Stranglers. Producer David Crickmore also gets to play a range of instruments on many of the tracks. 

“12 excellent songs…. their best album to date… great musicians… a fine songwriter… Jon’s written his finest set of songs yet” RnR Magazine

 “Outstanding folk rock collection….some of the finest folk rock that your writer has ever heard….Palmer is a superb songwriter… wonderful melodies and soaring choruses, … contemporary, interesting and vibrant…style, wit and panache. Buy this album, seek out their gigs. You won’t regret it” Maverick Magazine

 “the band’s best album so far….. 12 great songs… Jon’s a skilled storyteller and one of the delights of the album is listening as the songs unfold, often in unexpected ways”

 “folk-rock at it’s finest, with insightful song-writing and top-class musicianship” Fatea“a superlative example of the genre…. beautifully phrased, insightfully observed, totally contemporary” TykesStirrings

“Twelve tracks of brilliance… Fairport with balls….. It’s already my album of the year for 2020. You’ll have to go some to dislodge it” Folk Roundabout

 “Fully justifies the oft-invoked comparisons with hallowed acts such as Lindisfarne, The Waterboys, Merry Hell, The Saw Doctors and The Pogues” The Living Tradition


Click here to see and hear what you are in for…….


Headsticks text logo jan 2020 red w black shadow (3) (1) (1) (1) (003)

OCTOBER 9th     £10 


Formed in 2012 Headsticks have created their very own brand of Revolutionary Punk Roots Rock’n’Roll through relentless gigging which has seen their profile continually on the rise, backed by an ever increasing army of loyal and fanatical followers. Despite the current wave of uncertainty within the music industry the band have continued to
shine, and are delighted to join the fold of the iconic label that is Chapter 22 Records!

2019’s tour supports with New Model Army saw the band reach new levels, and this together with supports with bands as varied as The Wildhearts, Lindisfarne, Spear Of Destiny, Ferocious Dog, and Buzzcocks has underlined the band’s ability to cross genres and appeal to audiences with their enthusiasm and passion infused performances built on their
very own message of honesty and integrity, delivering raw social commentaries with a wry sense of humour ensuring an uplifting experience second to none! The release of their third studio album in 2019 was greeted with simply stunning reviews from pillars of both the Punk Rock and Folk worlds, receiving plaudit after plaudit and considered ‘Album Of The Year’ by some publications!

This simply cementing further the band’s reputation for crowd pleasing, genre crossing, inspirational songs…many of
which are now indeed covered by artists from within their scene….the highest accolade for any artist surely?!

Fast becoming Festival favourites,2020 was to see Headsticks embark ontheir most comprehensive Festival Season, with performances at Beautiful Days and Rebellion (their fifth in a row there!) among an endless list of high
profile bookings…..unfortunately plans were cruelly cut short due to the current pandemic. Enthusiasm for live
performances has seen the band reach new audiences with their ‘Live Sessions’ broadcast through Social
Media, and wonderful receptions have ensured that the band’s fervour has not, and will not be dampened as
they continue to say it like it is!!! Headsticks look to flourish within their new Chapter 22 home, bolstered by a label sharing similar ethics, spirit, and motivation, and of course, a love for great songs! Expect further hard hitting, emotive, infectious anthems and barbed lyrics a plenty from their fourth studio album ‘C.O.W.’, a twelve-track collection of songs that matter, that mean what they say, a soundtrack for the now. The band are looking forward to sharing these songs, and unleashing what indeed is a ’Can Of Worms’.

IMG_4255 (1) (1) (003)

Have a look and listen here………...


Logo (For Light Backgrounds)

OCTOBER 23rd      £18.50

AC/DC, arguably the greatest rock band of all time, are brought to life by Live/Wire with the true passion you would expect from professional musicians who share your love of this legendary live act. They deliver a critically acclaimed High Voltage two hour rock ’n’ roll set with not only cannons and a full bank of Marshall amps but a journey that takes fans from one of the best-selling albums of all time ‘Back in Black’ through to the 2020 release ‘PWR UP’, with a healthy dose of the classics from the Bon Scott era.

  The Live/Wire show combines the vocal power of Podge Blacksmith as Brian Johnson, the virtuoso talent of Simon Davies as Angus Young and rhythmic accuracy of Dan Mosley as Malcolm Young. The line-up is completed by Eddie Clark as bassist Cliff Williams and Paul Alwin combining the groove of Phil Rudd and thunderous energy of Chris Slade on drums.

With over 20 years of touring under their belt, Live/Wire put the audience right in the middle of a live experience comparable to that only AC/DC themselves produce. We invite AC/DC fans to join us, sing with us and relive some of those classic AC/DC concerts of the past on our very own Highway to Hell.

LW Live Shot


6th NOVEMBER   £16.50

BON GIOVI are the World’s Premier look-alike and sound alike Tribute to the New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi

Formed in December of 1998, with over 22 years UK and International touring experience as a band and nearly 5 times that combined from individual members, this act is without compromise one of the best Tribute acts on the circuit today playing over 90+ shows each year

Fronted by UK’s leading Bon Jovi impersonator, The band have not only toured lengthily around the UK, for clients such as Harley Davidson, Sony, Vodafone, Butlins, Chicago Rock Cafes, Yates, Walkabouts,  Mecca Chain, British Motorcycle Federation and Jack Daniels, but have also performed in over 26 countries, which includes most of the Middle East, 3 week tours of Russia, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Austria, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Ireland to name but a few.

Bon Giovi were also the ONLY UK tribute act to be asked to make a guest appearance on the New Jersey tribute album “Garden State Of Mind Vol. 1”, A celebration of Bon Jovi musical career to date.

Covering every aspect of Bon Jovi’s extensive career, BON GIOVI perform all the greatest hits such as ‘Living On A Prayer’, It’s My Life, Wanted Dead or Alive, as well as many others from every album ever produced in one amazing stage show which include all these hits and more, not too mention performing rare tracks that even Bon Jovi haven’t performed for many years.

So if you’re ready to ‘Runaway’ on ‘One Wild Night’ down that ‘Lost Highway’ for a taste of the some of the world’s greatest Stadium Anthems, then book BON GIOVI with confidence now! for the closest you’ll get to the Real Thing.P1060392


19LM logo (002)

NOVEMBER 20th    £17.50

Little Moscow are a band of ordinary, down to earth blokes grounded in the culture of their beloved North East of England. Hailing from Chopwell, a mining village affectionately known as – wait for it – Little Moscow, this group of close friends have played music together for more than 30 years.

This Geordie 5-piece oozes talent: Kev McNestry on guitar, keyboards and harmonica, Joe McNestry on bass, Dominic
Hornsby on keyboards and guitar, Iván Diaz on drums and violin, and Si King of the Hairy Bikers on drums and percussion.

Vocal duties are shared among the band, with rich, powerful harmonies a speciality. Having all loved music and played
instruments since they were kids, Little Moscow bring together a wealth of talent, experience and knowledge.
With their own special blend of funk, rock, blues and disco, Little Moscow showcase great playing, tight
grooves and soulful tunes – this is music for parties and good times.

Whether it’s a sold out club of three hundred or a festival crowd of thousands, Little Moscow deliver every time, keeping the dance-floor full and the audience wanting more.



Waiting For The Sun

Jam'd logo

DECEMBER 4th    £15

The Jam’d are now regarded as the UK’s best known and most popular tribute to the live performance and sound of The Jam, and are totally committed to giving an unforgettable, authentic performance with all the energy, passion and style of the Woking 3.

As full time touring professional musicians, and massive Jam fans, the band don’t “try to be” or “pretend to be” The Jam, but rather put on a performance from the heart and soul, drawing on all their memories, experiences and love of what was the country’s biggest band in their day.

Gigging up and down the UK at outdoor festivals, scooter rallies and some of the UK’s top music venues & events! The show also includes the only replica of Rick Bucklers ‘Great White’ drum kit & features their own brass section!……You won’t be disappointed!

Every effort is placed into reproducing the sound, arrangements and energy of a Jam gig. Those who saw The Jam live will remember the electricity, aggression, passion, and even fashion on stage, something not always prevalent in today’s world, but to The Jam’d, it is a passion, a mission, and an honour to play for fans of “the best band in the f#@*ing world!”

“You had to have seen The Jam live to truly experience what a Jam gig was, and I was lucky enough to have seen them on quite a few occasions. It wasn’t jumping around in every song on stage, it was a feeling, a movement, a total experience of style, cool, tension, excitement and electricity! We try and put those experiences into our performances to give our audiences some idea of what a Jam gig was. No one can ever emulate The Jam, but we hope we go some way to reminding fellow Jam fans of the best days of our youth!”
Dave Fletcher (The Jam’d)

BBC Radio 4 – The Jam’d can play any of the classic songs perfectly! They know what they’re doing!

Met lounge sound team (Peterborough) – Blown away by this band, had my attention from the sound check. Professional and talented on the next level! I’ve sound engineered touring bands for over 11 years and not many bands grab my attention the way these guys did!! Thanks guys for a wonderful night!!

IOW Scooter Rally – The best Jam tribute you’ll ever see!

Scribbling Sounds (Bilston) – singer and guitarist Dave Fletcher is more than a pair of sharp shoes and a polka dot shirt as he tears through the Bard of Woking’s finest moments.

Scribbling Sounds (Bilston) – That The Jam’d are up there with Bilston favourites The Modfathers and Bruce Foxton’s own From The Jam is testament to the musicianship of Fletcher, Malin and drummer John Cator.

Jam'd pic



Returning with new knitting patterns in 2022!!

18The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican pic (002)

This band were so busy in 2020 selling out venues all over the country that we couldn’t find a date for them, we have now though! 

Put on yer finest knitted gladrags, style your barnet, put on your dancing shoes and bring your finest singing voices, as we cordially invite you to witness the Greatest Show On Earth (in tank-tops). 

Hailing from Barnsley Rock City, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican are on a mission! Determined to follow in their spiritual father’s immortal footsteps and keep his legacy alive, they have a talent for Bar-Stewardizing other famous people’s songs with new comedy lyrics, on acoustic geetar, ukulele, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, accordion, keyboards and kazoo. To complete their squeaky-clean image, estranged brothers Scott, Björn and Alan have become instantly recognisable for their immaculate hair and their stylish choice of sexy knitwear.

Since forming in 2006, the brothers Doonican have played over 1000 anarchic, side-splitting shows and have brought smiles and belly-laughs to audiences across the UK; from Barnsley to Barnstaple, from Glasgow to Glastonbury Festival. They continue to wow audiences with a fine selection of their greatest hits, including the likes of “Jump Ararnd”, “Tarnlife”, “The Lady In Greggs”, “Nandos”, “Fight For Your Pint”, “Bono Bloody Bono”, “Since You’ve Been Ron”, “She’s From Dodworth”, “Walking In Manp**s” and “If I Could Punch A Face… It’d Be Justin Bieber’s”.

The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican can’t wait to bring their shindig to Howden Live and they promise that they WILL rock you… but gently!

What folk had to say about The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican:
“The greatest thing to come out of Barnsley, since the A61 to Sheffield”
Jarvis Cocker, Pulp

“Loved The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican. Great fun”
Jason Manford, comedian

“The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican are very, very funny… one of the hardest working bands on the planet”
Mike Harding, comedian, folk-musician, author & broadcaster

“A ridiculous family of genius, hilarious, irresistible music makers, currently crowd-surfing to the bar all over the great county of Yorkshire and beyond, into the venues and music festivals of the UK. They’re quality.”
Eliza Carthy MBE, folk-musician

“They deserve the reputation they have earned as one of the festival scenes hottest bookings.”
UK Festival Guides Review

“Bristles with proper belly-laugh moments… a LOL-a-minute through a variety of perfect pastiches. If there is any justice, the Doonicans deserve to be all over your Saturday night telly.”
‘R n R Magazine’ (5-Star Review)


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  1. Hi Ian we used to get significant amounts of money in grants from the Arts Council which significantly subsided jazz in particular. We decided some five years ago that we would become self funding, we have been successful in that but we are no longer in a position to present shows that make significant losses as jazz ones often did.

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