Its been suggested that we don’t blow our own trumpet enough about what we get up to here at Howden Live, being the shy and retiring types that we are we tend to let the wonderful variety and high quality of shows we present speak for themselves.

However, we don’t mind people saying nice things about us and that is what this page is dedicated to, we don’t mind reasonable, constructive criticism either, so with that in mind, we will start off with a Bouquet section, followed by a Brickbat one. Please leave your comments about your Howden Live experience in the comments section here on this website or on our Facebook group page and whenever they are spotted we will pop ’em on to this page, thank you.



“From a performers point of view you run one of the best venues around these parts and you have made the space available to you work as well as it possibly can – and that is well, you do a first rate job”  Bob Walker.The Northern Showtime Orchestra.


“I have taken several friends over the years and have never had a bad night and my friends have always said that they can’t believe that a small town like Howden can put on such productions, keep up the good work”  Jim Stevens. Audience member.

“The Shire Hall is an amazing venue right on our doorstep. Sound is fantastic and we get some amazing bands (tho still waiting for a bit of jazz Mark) and we have more seating there than a lot of small venues. A1 venue for a great night out” Helen Bolden. Audience member.


“The Shire hall is always a pleasure to play and we always feel very welcome! The sound is great and I look forward to our next gig there” Kevin Oliver Jones. Hats Off To Led Zeppelin.


“The sound is lovely at the Shire and I’m renowned for not liking digital! I was pleasantly surprised how with a wee bit of tweaking just how nice it sounded” Chris Broadwell. Sound Engineer.

“Great venue, great sound” Jon Whinham. The Steve Fulsham Band.

“Robbi and I have had NO bad experiences at Shire Hall, we as outsiders to Howden living the other direction to Howden have been welcomed with open arms not just by Mark who does an amazing job and finds new music to listen to and probably spends some sleepless nights worrying if it is going to raise the funds to keep it all going….”  Anita. Audience member.


“We took some friends from ‘down south’ to visit the Shire Hall last year…and they loved the whole thing…unique and quirky, with a warm inviting atmosphere. It’s brilliant x”   Sue Long. Audience member.


“I could only comment and critique positively on all the events at the Shire Hall I’ve attended over the years…..never had a bad do.”  Julian Read. Audience member.

“Thanks for the proactive, forward thinking  improvement in tech at the Shire. Mark always is a welcome smiling and enthusiastic face. Our ex drummer came to the last show and said that the sound was exquisite and he’s a stickler. Thanks for everything Mark”  Eddie. Live/Wire.

“The best venue around Mark.Comfortable and friendly. An excellent venue for all genres of live music .Keep up the good work X”   Eileen Sherburn. Audience member.

“We have been to Howden live a couple of times. We come from Hull and will definitely be back!”  Pam Robinson. Audience member.


“First time we have been and will def be back – a very warm welcome, gem of a venue and of course Holy Moly and the Crackersss are fabulous!!”  Gill Caine. Audience member.

“Once again many thanks for a brilliant night (sat Feb 6th). We have been regulars for the last couple of years and love the venue. It’s a special place with a fantastic atmosphere, the only downer being that Cregan and Co won’t be back ( their loss ). So once again keep up the great work and many thanks”

Ian Thompson. Audience member.

P1060507Observations from The Steve Fulsham and Nicol Band show on Saturday February 20th: P1060517

“Awesome – one of the best gigs we have been to” Diane Longthorpe.

“Brilliant ! Hull definitely rocks – big time”  Phil Dixon.

“This was just awesome one of the best I have been to, well done to all concerned”  Brian Hawksworth.


 “Thanks for everything on the Howden show last weekend – immensely enjoyable gig. That sweet little bar was an absolute hoot after the show as well, Lovely bunch of folks & a great atmosphere in there.”   MARTIN TURNER playing the music of WISHBONE ASH. (5.3.16)

 Keely Langstaff at Too Rex “Brilliant night, it just gets better and better”

Two comments from The Jar Family:  “What a brilliant night, loved it!”   Brenda Watson.

Sabine Hipkiss         “Fab gig! We had a great time!” 😊  

Another cracking night!”       Hazel Feasby at Live/Wire

The HOWDEN LIVE!! day.  “Rich Adams & Mark Gordon were the top act for me. They work so well together, their crowd banter and excellent musicianship was a joy to see and hear. ‘A day in the life’ was unbelievable, The Beatles put hundreds of recording hours into the high light of Sergeant Peppers and these two just ‘did it live’ and it was fantastic.” Paul Hinkman

“Massive thanks to Mark Rodger and the Howden Live team for a cracking night opening for the brilliant Paul Liddell as part of their birthday celebrations. I reckon the people of Howden probably don’t fully appreciate what an amazing venue they have right in the heart of their town, and the dedication of those who keep live music happening there.”    Joe Solo appearing at the Howden Live!! day.

Lynda Porter and Janice Wilson at Hats Off To Led Zeppelin.   “Brilliant evening, they were so good.”    “Terrific night, can’t wait until next time”

From Paul Hinkman at the Lisa Mills concert with Dogfinger Steve in support: “Dogfinger was in good form. Really enjoyed his set. Lisa was a cross between Janis Joplin and Lulu, good guitar player.”

“Was a great night well done guys” Brian Hawksworth at The Beautiful Couch.

Feedback after our first ever Murder Mystery:

“Missed the clues while I was in the kitchen and then lost the plot. Great evening and, yes, we should do it again” 😃 x      Sabine Hipkiss.

“Thanks Elaine, yes I would do it again, better than watching the tv” 🎭     Lynn Hawthornewaite.

“We’d definitely come again Elaine!”     Rich Hart.

Some observations on THE REVOLUTIONAIRES!

“Revolutionaires………….OMG. That was unbelievable. .”    Roy Cannon

“It was a wonderful night, I was blown away by The Revolutionaires and couldn’t stop watching the wonderful dancing audience in all their rock ‘n’ roll finery, our very own strictly experience.” Anita.

“Absolutely fantastic night we even got up for a bop” 😂      Pauline Priestley

“Wall to wall grins at the end and sore hands from applauding…Always a measure of a good gig…..”  Mark Rodger.

“Best band for a while in the Shire Hall,  a massive thank you to Paul Rocky Langstaff for inviting all his Rock n Roll club to Howden Shire Hall..amazing dancers..and dressed up for the occasion…amazing ….”  Mike Boldan.

“Both bands were really excellent. The Revolutionaires deliver some crazy performances and last night was no exception. Juke Joint Kings were sharp, tight and an unexpected treat. So local, too! Thanks Mark for such a great night.”   Simon Chesterman.

Jon Wright “We live about an hour away from you, and don’t get to your gigs as often as we would like, or as often as you deserve. You manage to offer up some excellent evenings in an age when people don’t seem to appreciate the effort it takes, not only to perform, but to pull all the threads together to present Live entertainment. The two Paul PL Liddell gigs and Joe Solo gig that we came to were faultless, and we’re definitely up for Otway this weekend.”

Tann Whight “Lovely venue, the gigs we have been to have been really friendly and well organized and deserve lots of support from music lovers. Also worth turning up an hour or two early if you can, to explore the absolutely beautiful little town of Howden.”

Re: Colin Blunstone concert Oct.29th. Just wanted to let everyone involved at Shire Hall how much we enjoyed our first visit to Howden.The venue was ideal and staff /organization perfect. Regards, Chris and Ann Byrne.

“Absolutely brilliant!”  Janice Binnington at the Two Piano’s gig on January 21st 2017.

Paul Hickman “Two Pianos @ The Shire Hall Howden – Fantastic Show, big big crowd. All went too quickly because I enjoyed it that much. 10 for the lady in the blue dress who could JIVE proper like.10 for the band. 10 for the sound, set up by someone who really knew what they were doing. All in all brill. Catch the band at a charity do at Hull City Hall in April, £10 steal.”

Pauline North at Two Piano’s “Fabulous night!”

“I say it everytime but you guys really are the best!!!!”  Karen Weston Two Piano’s.

Glen Catley “Absolutely chuffing fantastic !!” Guess where?

“Amazing night Mark. Pleasure to play for you and your fantastic audience.” Fred Barton from Two Piano’s.

And Darren Sims, also from the band…..”We love playing Howden Live, it feels like home, we are warmly welcomed and as always enjoy doing our bit on the stage, Mark and the crew work their socks off and the audience are top notch – Daz (Bass guitar / Two Pianos) looking forward to our next one at the Shire Hall 🎸”

 Just a few short lines to thank you all for the hospitality at the L⚡️W gig at the weekend. What a lovely little venue and a lovely welcoming town Howden is.
Seven of us came up on Friday lunchtime from Chesterfield and stayed over until Sunday lunchtime and we were made to feel welcome everywhere we drank, ate and at our ‘digs’ in the excellent Wellington.  So, thank you for hosting such a great show and for being such a lovely, welcoming town.          (Live/Wire. 2.9.17)

Jamie Houghton. Audience member.