Contact & find us

Most of Howdenlive’s events take place at the historic Shire Hall in the centre of Howden.  Our postal address is

11 Market Place
East Yorkshire
DN14 7BJ (see map and get directions)

There is plenty of free parking at the Co-op on

Charles Briggs Avenue
69 Hailgate
East Yorkshire
DN14 7SU (see map and get directions)

You can follow us on twitter and you can call us on 01430 432510

We thrive on feedback and have created space on all of our web pages for your comments.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Shire Hall is a beautiful, multi-functional building used for community hires such as parties, wedding receptions, fund raising events, and weekly classes.


If travelling from afar you could do worse than check out

                          And local buses   here


  1. Great gig last night – Chantel was fantastic as always. I have uploaded a video from the gig to You Tube – if you are interested the link is: –


  2. Chantel MacGregor lbew me awy. The diminutive blonde in the prom dress and diamante necklace would not have looked out of place picking up a violin, but when she first touched the strings of her electric guitar my bottom jaw hit the floor. What a guitarist! Really felt that I was in the presence of greatness.

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, there were enough seats to accommodate everyone, the seating is unreserved, what time did you arrive? Last year we had a virtually all new PA system installed which was custom designed for the hall. A professional sound engineer did the sound that night and I suspect he, the band and the rest of the audience would dispute your description of the sound as “very tinny” Not any kind of qualified opinion of a sound system I have ever heard I’m afraid. I’m sorry that your experience of the Shire Hall was not a positive one but I know from interaction with audiences at many different concerts featuring numerous different genres of music that your opinion does not reflect that of the vast majority of people attending concerts at the Shire Hall.

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