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Most of Howdenlive’s events take place at the historic Shire Hall in the centre of Howden.  Our postal address is

11 Market Place
East Yorkshire
DN14 7BJ (see map and get directions)

There is plenty of free parking at the Co-op on

Charles Briggs Avenue
69 Hailgate
East Yorkshire
DN14 7SU (see map and get directions)

You can follow us on twitter and you can call us on 01430 431535

We thrive on feedback and have created space on all of our web pages for your comments.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Shire Hall is a beautiful, multi-functional building used for community hires such as parties, wedding receptions, fund raising events, and weekly classes.


If travelling from afar you could do worse than check out

                          And local buses   here
  1. BluesBeaten Redshaw says:

    Hi there,

    I’m BluesBeaten Redshaw. I’m a 18 year old solo elecric blues guitarist and singer.

    I’m located 11 miles north of York and will be playing various gigs in the area and around the UK throughout March.

    In 2010 I performed 2 loud and ballsy sets at Glastonbury festival and then a week later I drove my 1948 Ferguson TE20 tractor (Bessie) from my home in Yorkshire to a small town in Switzerland. Throughout my journey, 1500 miles through the UK, France and Switzerland at a top speed of 14 miles an hour, I played numerous festivals and finished performing at a festival of ‘swiss national day’ in Switzerland. A Swiss TV camera crew followed me on my travel and have filmed it as a documentary which I recently found out has had it’s first TV buyer in Switzerland and there’s great hope for it to air in the UK.

    While I’m in the area in March it’d be great to play at Howden Live and so I wondered if you had any possible slots available for me to perform in March? You can find some of my work on my youtube page and more recent clips, info and footage from my Tractor Tour Documentary on I’ve currently a record on sale and will have my next available by March.

    The owners of another venue I’m booked for sent me in your direction as a great supporter of upcoming musicians. It’d be great to play locally ‘n all.

    Thanks, have a great day and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Tony Barker says:

    Dear Howden Live,

    Can we have a link, please, on Blogroll to Vixen 101? We are going to follow you on Twitter but feel Vixen 101’s support for Howden Live coul be reciprocated on your fine new website. We have a dedicated theatre and culture hour every Saturday and a hugely-extensive what’s on guide, broadcast every two hours and available 24/7 online.



  3. Dennis McPeake says:

    Great gig last night – Chantel was fantastic as always. I have uploaded a video from the gig to You Tube – if you are interested the link is: –


  4. Gill Dixon says:

    Chantel MacGregor lbew me awy. The diminutive blonde in the prom dress and diamante necklace would not have looked out of place picking up a violin, but when she first touched the strings of her electric guitar my bottom jaw hit the floor. What a guitarist! Really felt that I was in the presence of greatness.

  5. maggi stratford says:

    I want to send you an email – but can’t find a contact name or an!

  6. maggi stratford says:

    Hi Mark – trying to send you info re ENCORE!!
    Is there an email address I can access & send attachments to?

  7. Gareth says:

    It would be useful if you included information how to get to howdenlive. Hull Trains offer trains to Howden station so could be a good resource to add to your website. I have used them before when buying tickets online, they charge no booking fees and no credit card charges

  8. Hi, I would be grateful if you would kindly tell me who I contact regarding programming at your venue?

  9. maggi stratford says:

    Hi James,
    I’m half of Encore!, we’ve been going down a storm & we would love to play at Howden…..Can you let me have an email address/ contact details so I can give you more info? many thanks

    “a warm and passionate Gallic evening – fabulous to hear an english woman singing these masterpieces of French Chansons so perfectly!”
    Brel, Piaf, Moustaki….& more..

  10. Phil Lyons says:

    We are The New Vintage Band, a Swingin’, Jivin’, Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ high energy, professional band based in North Yorkshire. Would be very interested in playing at Howden!

    • howdenlive says:

      Hi Phil,

      Sorry its taken a while to get back to you, The NVB could be a strong possibility for a gig in Howden, we have established an audience with The Northern Showtime orchestra doing Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller shows, so its not too much of a punt. What sort of fee are you looking for your various combo’s please? If we can come to a mutual agreement we are looking at something in the autumn. My e-mail is I guess you have read all about Howden Live and how we go about things on the website? If there is anything else you would like t know please ask.



  11. Martyr barrow-esterling says:

    Will not be coming back to here again.seating issues struggled to find seats for me and my girlfriend and a friend. Two pianos sound was terrible and sounded very tinny .a second rate venue. Friend who came with us said it reminded him of a school assembly.

    • howdenlive says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, there were enough seats to accommodate everyone, the seating is unreserved, what time did you arrive? Last year we had a virtually all new PA system installed which was custom designed for the hall. A professional sound engineer did the sound that night and I suspect he, the band and the rest of the audience would dispute your description of the sound as “very tinny” Not any kind of qualified opinion of a sound system I have ever heard I’m afraid. I’m sorry that your experience of the Shire Hall was not a positive one but I know from interaction with audiences at many different concerts featuring numerous different genres of music that your opinion does not reflect that of the vast majority of people attending concerts at the Shire Hall.

    • howdenlive says:

      Not sure if this link will work for you here, if it doesn’t go to the group page for Howden Live on Facebook and have a gander at the very well qualified opinions expressed by professional musicians, sound engineers and audience members in response to your critique, all of whom know what we do well, thank you.

  12. Ed says:

    I saw you wrote this on Ren Harvieus facebook

    “Hello, would it be possible to message me some contact details about a possible booking in the autumn of 2017 please? we are: Thank you.”

    If you could get in touch with us here about bookings that would be great and we can discuss.

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