MARCH 5th.

Another much requested return, this time for this superb trad jazz band.
.The New Orleans Zhulus are an international group, 3 Belgians, 1 German, 1 Dutchman, 2 British, all with great jazz pedigree.  Bass player and band organiser, Brian Turnock an ex-pat from Watford, now living in Belgium, has worked with many of the UK’s top New Orleans style bands including, Ken Colyer, Keith Smith, Sammy Rimmington and Barry Martyn.  He has also recorded with New Orleans legends such as George Lewis, Kid Sheik Cola, Albert Nicholas, Capt John Handy, Emmanuel Paul, Kid Thomas, Louis Nelson, Alton Purnell et al.  Brian is fondly remembered, by many in the north of England, for his time playing with the, Sheffield based, Dave Brennan Band. 

The Zhulus are in the real tradition of rompin’ an stompin’ New Orleans gut bucket bands.  If it’s New Orleans jazz you crave.  Look no further than the New Orleans Zhulus at the Shire Hall.We are confident that the Zhulus will pack the place with their revivalist strains “There’s room for dancing and ladies are invited to bring their parasols.”  

With: Dan Vercruysse, trumpet, John  Defferary, reeds, Philippe DeSmet, trombone, Emile Van Pelt, piano, Brian Turnock, bass, Maurice Van Eyck, drums, Emile Van Pelt, banjo.

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