FRIDAY APRIL 22nd       

                                                  THE GOOD FRIDAY    £5




Three top bands for a paltry fiver…how can you not come?

Copasetics got together in early 2009, initially intending to put together a couple of sets of reworked ‘60s rocksteady hits, but while they were busy having fun with those tunes their own material began to take over rehearsals.
Based around the songwriting efforts of front man Benj, the band’s sound is still evolving rapidly. Having put out their first EP release last summer featuring their confident take on the ska/punk sound, they are quickly growing into their own skin; experimenting with more diverse influences and sounds for their most recent material, and promising a future that isn’t tied too tightly to the fickle fortunes of the ska scene.
Vinne & The Stars…What can we say? Local heroes.. Craig ‘Vinnie’ Whitehead  started out as a solo acoustic artist and very soon got asked to perform with a full band.
 Never to be same members for each gig ‘The Stars’ were formed. After the release of their debut album ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ , numerous local festival appearances and suport slots, including Beverley Folk Festival and the Beatherder festival. They have decided to whittle down to a permanant lineup of three members.
Going forward into 2011 the band has introduced something fresh into a new sound. This includes some of its original live sound feel of blues, funk, hip hop, soul  and acoustic insrumentation, but also a modern sample based electronic twist.                                   
I Swim With Sharks…..3 piece leeds based band who play rock smothered aggro pop. Played 50 shows last year including secret garden party festival, Wickerman festival and lounge on the farm, releasing their first single of 2011 “just be good” on the 23rd of April. Putting together their debut album aimed for release in October 2011.