FRIDAY APRIL 22nd       

                                                  THE GOOD FRIDAY    £5




Three top bands for a paltry fiver…how can you not come?

Copasetics got together in early 2009, initially intending to put together a couple of sets of reworked ‘60s rocksteady hits, but while they were busy having fun with those tunes their own material began to take over rehearsals.
Based around the songwriting efforts of front man Benj, the band’s sound is still evolving rapidly. Having put out their first EP release last summer featuring their confident take on the ska/punk sound, they are quickly growing into their own skin; experimenting with more diverse influences and sounds for their most recent material, and promising a future that isn’t tied too tightly to the fickle fortunes of the ska scene.
Vinne & The Stars…What can we say? Local heroes.. Craig ‘Vinnie’ Whitehead  started out as a solo acoustic artist and very soon got asked to perform with a full band.
 Never to be same members for each gig ‘The Stars’ were formed. After the release of their debut album ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ , numerous local festival appearances and suport slots, including Beverley Folk Festival and the Beatherder festival. They have decided to whittle down to a permanant lineup of three members.
Going forward into 2011 the band has introduced something fresh into a new sound. This includes some of its original live sound feel of blues, funk, hip hop, soul  and acoustic insrumentation, but also a modern sample based electronic twist.                                   
I Swim With Sharks…..3 piece leeds based band who play rock smothered aggro pop. Played 50 shows last year including secret garden party festival, Wickerman festival and lounge on the farm, releasing their first single of 2011 “just be good” on the 23rd of April. Putting together their debut album aimed for release in October 2011.


                      May 7th 2011.

           ….THE HAMSTERS….    £14.



                    25TH YEAR – FAREWELL TOUR!

The guitar, bass and drums trio THE HAMSTERS have long been established as one of our premier Blues-Rock attractions, having performed over 4,000 concerts in 24 years.

 Although usually playing their own brand of rootsy Rock, Blues and Americana – tonight they’ll be performing two sets of JIMI HENDRIX and ZZ TOP songs, for which they’re also widely regarded as being the UK’s leading interpreters. Guitarist/singer Slim has also just been featured in Guitarist magazine’s ‘Blues Guitar Heroes’ book. 

 “They’re fabulous: one of Britain’s very best live bands” – Bob Harris, Radio2

“No-one does Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top better”  The Times

“Technically flawless, before the Hamsters no-one has contemplated Hendrix covers on such a scale”      Vox

“They really kick ass…Slim is one of your greatest guitarists”   Walter Trout.

“Latest in a  distinguished line of great British power trio’s, the whole band are technically quite perfect…Slim is simply outstanding”     Blueprint

“Rock ‘n Roll at its very best…maximum impact…evil R ‘n B”   Guitarist

An added motivation to come to this gig, them being brilliant aside, is that they recently announced their retirement in March of next year so this is the very last chance you will have to see The Hamsters at the Shire Hall.

Please see below a personal message from Slim.

“This is to let you know that The Hamsters will be retiring in a year’s time: 1st April 1987 was the date of our first band rehearsal, and 1st April 2011 marks the start of our 25th year together. We’ve long discussed ending the Hamsters adventure at the completion of 25 years as we’ve each a lot of other things we’d like to do, but have never had the time. So, we’ve got one more year to say goodbye to you all , and will play our final show on 31st March 2012.”

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MARCH 19th

…..FRAGILE…. £12.50

Formed in 1996 Fragile are the longest running UK performers of the classic and timeless music of YES.

Past and present members have left their mark on the wider music scene in projects with YES members Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Alan White and Peter Banks, as well as with Marillion (and separately with Fish), Voyager, Bernie Marsden and more. Over the last 12 years Fragile have performed throughout Europe including a series of now legendary shows with Steve Howe. In 2009 they appeared on the Richard & Judy show and later that year, played to 35,000 with Alan White as one of the highlights at the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool. Their set features many of the greatest songs in the YES catalogue.“A remarkable set of musicians who have set themselves a near almost impossible task and yet, succeed gloriously on every level” StandardFragile’s Spring tour features some of the greatest works by YES including Heart Of The Sunrise, Close To The Edge and Awaken in their entirety. A revisiting of the past with songs with early YES excerpts from: Sweet Dreams, The Prophet, Time And A Word, Every Little Thing and Astral Traveller as well as individual solo spots for acoustic guitar and keyboards and classic YES numbers Siberian Khatru, Your’s Is No Disgrace, And You And I, Soon, Owner of a lonely heart, Starship Troopers, I’ve Seen All Good People and Roundabout… a treat to be anticipated for all YES fans.



 MARCH 5th.

Another much requested return, this time for this superb trad jazz band.
.The New Orleans Zhulus are an international group, 3 Belgians, 1 German, 1 Dutchman, 2 British, all with great jazz pedigree.  Bass player and band organiser, Brian Turnock an ex-pat from Watford, now living in Belgium, has worked with many of the UK’s top New Orleans style bands including, Ken Colyer, Keith Smith, Sammy Rimmington and Barry Martyn.  He has also recorded with New Orleans legends such as George Lewis, Kid Sheik Cola, Albert Nicholas, Capt John Handy, Emmanuel Paul, Kid Thomas, Louis Nelson, Alton Purnell et al.  Brian is fondly remembered, by many in the north of England, for his time playing with the, Sheffield based, Dave Brennan Band. 

The Zhulus are in the real tradition of rompin’ an stompin’ New Orleans gut bucket bands.  If it’s New Orleans jazz you crave.  Look no further than the New Orleans Zhulus at the Shire Hall.We are confident that the Zhulus will pack the place with their revivalist strains “There’s room for dancing and ladies are invited to bring their parasols.”  

With: Dan Vercruysse, trumpet, John  Defferary, reeds, Philippe DeSmet, trombone, Emile Van Pelt, piano, Brian Turnock, bass, Maurice Van Eyck, drums, Emile Van Pelt, banjo.

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