MARCH 19th

…..FRAGILE…. £12.50

Formed in 1996 Fragile are the longest running UK performers of the classic and timeless music of YES.

Past and present members have left their mark on the wider music scene in projects with YES members Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Alan White and Peter Banks, as well as with Marillion (and separately with Fish), Voyager, Bernie Marsden and more. Over the last 12 years Fragile have performed throughout Europe including a series of now legendary shows with Steve Howe. In 2009 they appeared on the Richard & Judy show and later that year, played to 35,000 with Alan White as one of the highlights at the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool. Their set features many of the greatest songs in the YES catalogue.“A remarkable set of musicians who have set themselves a near almost impossible task and yet, succeed gloriously on every level” StandardFragile’s Spring tour features some of the greatest works by YES including Heart Of The Sunrise, Close To The Edge and Awaken in their entirety. A revisiting of the past with songs with early YES excerpts from: Sweet Dreams, The Prophet, Time And A Word, Every Little Thing and Astral Traveller as well as individual solo spots for acoustic guitar and keyboards and classic YES numbers Siberian Khatru, Your’s Is No Disgrace, And You And I, Soon, Owner of a lonely heart, Starship Troopers, I’ve Seen All Good People and Roundabout… a treat to be anticipated for all YES fans.


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  1. I didn’t think I was until I got a double Yes album that was a kind of ‘best of’ from HMV the other week…shedloads of stuff I knew..and liked! Plus shedloadsof other stuff I wasn’t familiar with and liked too!
    So the answer from me (vested interest aside) is….”Be there!”



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