its a cracker….!!

Reet! Not withstanding a last minute request to cancel whatever else you are doing tonight and come see THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN , I am right chuffed to announce that the bulk of the winter/spring 2016 season is now up on the Howden Live website, just waiting to confirm a big name (in folk) this morning and everything else is on, Two Piano’s, Holy Moly & the Crackers, The Nicol Band & The Steve Fulsham Band, together,, Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, Maggie Bell and DaveKelly, Curved Air, The Jar Family and Too Rex. There is some dabbling to get vids working as they should and one or two pics to add but you can read all about what is coming up at Online tickets available for all events, hard copy ones soon. Don’t forget the rest of this season too, AB tonight, Blackbeard’s Tea Party Sat November 7th, Hats Off To Led Zeppelin Fri November 13th, The Northern Showtime Orchestra Sat Nov 14th and the very wonderful Red Dirt Skinners rounding things off very nicely on Saturday December 5th.

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