Unexpected cancellation.

I have only just found out that Curved Air at the Shire Hall has been cancelled due to the serious illness of Sonja Kristina’s son and she has had to fly to America to be with him, our thoughts are with her. However this leaves us with a bit of a problem with how to inform so many people that the gig has been cancelled at such short notice. It’s apparent that the venues either side of us had been informed as they are showing the gig as cancelled, I found out by accident.
Rather than pull the plug entirely it wouldn’t be impossible to put together a last minute gig, Katie Spencer is still up for it, we could look at something like a £5 a ticket reduction, maybe a little more and still have a good night out. Obviously refunds will be available but I can’t get on to that until tomorrow. If any of our musical friends are reading this please get in touch here if you are up for something. Out of the ashes and all that!!


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